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What is your web page about?

From a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view, your key pages should be 'about' something, and that aboutness should be communicated to both the search engines and the human reader.

If it's not clear, you'll never be high in search so won't receive the traffic. Any clicks you do get will bounce off your page.

Clear 'aboutness' is polite, it's just good Internet marketing. Otherwise you're .. litter, you're the 'damage' the searcher and search engine is trying to route around to reach the answer they seek.

Basically, if people type "aluminium fence posts" into Google, your website ranking will only be high in the search results if it's clear both to the search engine AND to the user that's what your page is about.

Any good SEO consultant will tell you that if the searcher clicks to see your page, their first, almost instant, decision is 'whether this page looks likely to solve my problem'. You have maybe 5 seconds at most to load, and less than a second before that judgment is made. If you don't communicate that your page is clearly about their search phrase, they will click 'back' and return to Google. Often you have to communicate that even before your page fully loads, so they may only see your headline. If that doesn't convince them you have what they are searching for, they'll click back to Google and go to the next website or make their search phrase more specific. Google sees that behaviour and reasons that your page was not a good search result for that search phrase, and they will downgrade you in the search results.

Just as an aside, it may not be possible to entirely win on that example search phrase. The searcher may want to buy, in which case they will bounce off your carefully crafted comparison of aluminium fence posts versus wood & concrete. Or if you're selling, maybe they wanted that comparison. Maybe a selling page that gave the option of looking at the alternatives would work.

Anyway, check these elements of your key pages for aboutness:
Page title (appears right at the top of the browser page and in Google's search results)
On-page headings and subheadings
Annotations, photograph captions and descriptions
Navigation (menu/breadcrumbs) labels
File name / URL structure
The body copy


Speed is important

When websites chugged down a 400 baud modem and displayed line by line we thought making websites really fast was really important.

Then along came broadband and everyone relaxed.

Then along came the iPhone and everyone wanted fast-downloading websites.

Then along came 4G and everyone relaxed.

Thing is though, Google really likes fast websites.

Check this out http://dconstruct.s3.amazonaws.com/2012/img/ben.png

I've downloaded it, it's 7.7KB in size.

I've pretty much spent the last hour trying to make an equivalent image. My same-size, full colour image started at 24KB and I reached 11.9KB and it's lost more quality than theirs, which is from http://2012.dconstruct.org/ (gosh, James Burke, I used to love his programmes).

Nowadays we load up our websites with stuff. Images. Videos. Code frameworks.

And the more we put up there "ah, this will be good", the slower our websites get and the lower we fall on Google's search rankings.

Less is more. >

Come back another time for the ability to vote and make your own marketing planner.

Let A Million Tweaks power your marketing

There are lots of freelancers, sole traders and small to medium sized businesses who don't know how to market themselves, what next step to take. Perhaps you are one of them. Even if not you might be too busy, not have the required skill, or be clean out of budget to make it happen.

A Million Tweaks is a continual improvement process for marketing. It can dramatically improve your business. If you haven't the foggiest, we have. If you have marketing that works, we'll improve it.

Every day, A Million Tweaks publishes a proven marketing improvement suggestion, and it's voted on by subscribers. We will implement the best improvement suggestions in your business, whether it's

  • a way to get more awareness,
  • a system to raise your percentage of sales,
  • changes that will multiply your average sale value, or
  • things you can do to raise your lifetime customer value.

You decide how fast you want to go: £50/month, £200/month, £500/month, even £2,000/month. Start small, build up. Or start fast and get there sooner.

I'm your Mini Massive Marketer, making big changes out of A Million Tweaks to your marketing system.

If you don't trust that the advice will be good, sign up for one-per-day marketing tips below and see for yourself (it's free).

If you don't have the money, start small.

If you don't have the time, let me work on something I can just get on with, for example, your social media or even just a part of your website, or just one product. When I'm paying for myself, you can widen my brief.

Let's get your marketing working for you

(and not the other way around)

Businesses are systems in equilibrium.

Your marketing is too.

A Million Tweaks is a method and a service: an improvement to your marketing every day (even if we start with nothing).

Like compound interest, those marketing improvements mount up.

Try us with something small or hand over all your marketing to our trusted expert system.

Where are you headed? What do you really want? An easier life? Retirement? Wealth? Better work-life balance? Promotion? Domination? To change the world?

A Million Tweaks aims to get you there, one tweak at a time.

Take the next step now, get in touch:

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"a truly genuine guy, no false promises" Gini Guttery, Owner/Director at Your Local Link Ltd

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Who is A Million Tweaks?

John Allsopp

Hi, I'm John Allsopp and I founded A Million Tweaks in 2009 to do just what it says, continually improve marketing systems.

Nowadays I'm still just as hungry to learn the latest and most effective marketing techniques in what is an incredibly fast moving world. Basically I buy all the training courses so you don't have to.

Actually that's not an insignificant thing. Back in the day I got a first in my degree (Internet Computing) because I did the work, obviously, but also because I studied well and that means taking information from different sources and mixing things up to find the truth in the middle, and I still do that today. I remember waking up one Sunday, switching on the wooden, push button TV we had next to the bed and Tony Buzan came on with his mind maps .. it's still how I study now.

There used to be a very popular service that read all the business books and summarised them for busy executives. I'm not sure if that's still going, but this service is like a modern equivalent, except we'll actually do the work for you too if you like.

In marketing, however, there is an absolute truth: the result. It's often more effort to talk about marketing improvements than to enact them. Don't talk: test. If it works it works. So A Million Tweaks is about making small, low risk changes every day and iterating our way to your fame and fortune.

Anyway, I was supposed to be introducing myself in this box. I live in Scarborough with my partner (who has ME/CFS). I'm 6'6" tall which I think makes me an observer. I drum in a ska band (come see us it's a great night) :-)

If you want to get in touch there's 07762 941921 but best for me is email john@johnallsopp.co.uk or hook up with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Even better, fill out the form on this page and let's get talking about how we can apply some of these marketing improvements to your business, it's no good left stuck in my head now, is it?