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The power of words

Today, I just want to recognise the power of words.

In the early hours of the morning after the Manchester Arena bombing, The Sun printed possibly the most incredible piece of writing I've ever seen.

They'd found a member of the IRA whose opinion was that Corbyn and McDonnell didn't help bring about the cause of peace in Northern Ireland, but prolonged the conflict.

Now, you probably know, I'm a thousand percent Corbyn & McDonnell, but even I was having doubts reading this piece.

All it was was this guy's view. There are plenty of other views and of course, Corbyn's fought for peace all his life. Of course he wasn't getting off the whole thing.

I won't link to the article, but if you search for "wallowing in infantile revolutonary glee" (with the speech marks) you'll probably find it, and it gives you an idea of what to expect.

So let's just see where the power comes from.

"Labour pair were snivelling IRA fanboys as it unleashed slaughter on Britain"

There are the adjectives. Snivelling.

"Labour pair" makes it sound like they acted alone and not as part of a peace movement.

"Fanboys" belittles them and says they lauded the IRA.

"Forget Corbyn’s pathetic lies about 'helping the peace process'."

An actual instruction. 'Pathetic', another adjective. And you can hear the snidey attitude in 'oohhh, helping the peace process were you?'.

This is really powerful writing, and it's powerful because it reaches deep into our brain and hits trust and doubt.

So what I want us to learn from this is the opposite. To recognise the power of language, and to harness it for for good. For love. For truth. For the positive.

So we're back to purpose, and to Anita Roddick. Business is about finding a sustainable way of effecting the change you want in the world.



How to be meaningfully different

Your marketing communications can be as brilliant as you like, but if there are lots of people offering the same thing, you may struggle to generate leads and/or sales.

If it's hard for prospects to differentiate between you and your competitors, people will always umm and ahh about you. Perhaps they'll wonder why they didn't pick someone else "after all, the others offered the same thing and probably don't wear such ridiculous hats".

That's not a good reaction. That's not going to improve customer retention.

A good reaction is "OMG! How have you not been in my life before now!?! Let me give you money, I know you'll be busy but please consider working with me! I feel so uplifted/enabled/empowered/free." That's the sort of reaction you want and you'll only get it by being meaningfully different. That's your brand strategy.


Obviously, actually being different would be good. Selling a different thing. But for a service: accountant, web developer, solicitor, graphic designer, printer, clothes repairer, plumber .. we are locked into providing some basics.

Being local can be a strong differentiator.

There's a little more to being geographically local though. You might be local and catholic, or local and protestant. There's a lot to be said for the friend-of-a-friend network. Immigrant communities naturally pass work among themselves as a means to raise the whole community. The Totally Locally campaign the same: if you and I are part of a community and I pay you £1,000 to do my accounts and you pay someone else in the community £1,000 to decorate your house and they buy a car from someone else in the community for £1,000 and that person comes back to me for a website, that's better than me going to A.National.Accountancy.Chain where the money just disappears to the Cayman Islands and no-one I know and love gets their house decorated. So 'local' can mean 'in our community' and that could mean all sorts of things including something like 'in our global community of model aircraft hobbyists'.

You can be different by brand values. Yep. That again. Get it sorted here: http://www.johnallsopp.com . If you're a plumber into excellence and performance and you occasionally let out that you are into cycling, then others who stand for the same thing will welcome you into their house because they trust you, because you share the same values.

You can differentiate by appealing to different personality types. The designer: someone who works on things as an intellectual problem and comes up with ornate solutions. The organiser: never be late for this person. The connector who is all about the people, and the driver: goal oriented, get it done.

I know a builder who's actually a ceramic artist but he builds fantastic, huge, creative treehouses. Absolutely wrong for the 'organiser' market. Would repulse a 'driver'. He's a connector, that's true. But for a 'designer', he's heaven sent. So .. which market are you right for? Your marketing copy and brand design needs to emphasise who you are aiming at or if truly you want them all, approach it like a teacher has to and include something for everyone.

As a lad, I read a book about how to win fishing matches. The guy had a system: create a feeding frenzy of young, unwary fish and then just pick them out with a barbless hook for a quick, efficient, non-damaging passage into the keep net. No float, no nothing. An arm-aching four hours of picking out smaller fish, but in the end, your weight of fish will beat anyone aiming for bigger specimens. Basically, the RyanAir approach. And there's no disputing that makes money. So if that's your thing, go for it. Cheap and 'no better than you deserve' is a differentiator.

But the other differentiator is to head upmarket. It's no more effort to sell to people with money. Sell fewer things that are worth more. Remember that 20% of your customers will spend 4x more if you offer something worth that. So if you sell 100 things at £5 each (£500), 20% of those would have spent £20 for an improved product, a pro product, a full package. 20 x £20 = £400 and you've nearly doubled your income. Differentiate by heading up.

Don't think of differentiating as closing doors. Choosing A does mean ignoring B, but it makes you more findable to A, gets you more meaningful recommendations, and improves your sales conversion and customer retention no end. Sales and marketing becomes easy, your cost of sales go down, time spent on marketing goes down. Everyone's happy, even your accountant.

So. Y'know. Get it sorted. >

Come back another time for the ability to vote and make your own marketing planner.

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