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Treat every page as if it were a product

This one's really got me thinking. It's blog advice (from Leo Widrich of BufferApp.com), and I think it works for web pages too.

Treat every page (and every blog post) as if it were a product.

Step 1: validate the need. Identify a search term you are aiming to be found for and use Google's Keyword Planner (https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner) to check people are searching for that. For those crucial ninja points, then use https://trends.google.co.uk/trends/ to check you are climbing on board a growing market, not strapping yourself to a dying dinosaur.

Step 2: ask "would anyone pay for this?". Do research, add more examples, go deeper.

Step 3: maintain it. Publish first, but then correct errors, keep things up to date, reply to every comment (you do have comments enabled, right?) and incorporate their suggestions if they are right.

To do? I do have a content marketing process that goes 1) find ideas, 2) evaluate them & decide how best to proceed, 3) proceed. Within that evaluation process, which is the equivalent of an editorial meeting, I have some criteria against which to evaluate the ideas. For instance: does it live our brand values? Can we turn it up to 11? So these ideas can sit there and get used every time I run that process. But also, I need to run that process every time, for all content. It seems like a big effort, but the way I'm thinking, this leads to success, whereas easy blogging and web copywriting just kinda happens, it's a bit like busywork, "yeah, done that". But it doesn't really get results. This will. So yeah, I'm in.


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