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Build yourself a lead magnet

What small, specific piece of information could you give away that your market really wants?

For me, I'm working on a speedy cheat sheet about Facebook Ad targeting. "10 ways to effectively target your Facebook ads", something like that.

I'll push that through Facebook advertising (naturally) and the people who download it will clearly be interested in running effective Facebook ads. Once I have their email addresses, I'll follow up with email offers about my Facebook ads services: maybe I could run their ads for them or maybe they want copywriting or video creation.

Lead magnets help you build an email list of hungry buyers.

What could you give away, and how would you target the right people? What would be your follow-up sequence? What's that worth to you if you can get it right?

(This is what http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk does, if you want any help.)


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