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Get a Quora account and answer questions

Quora is a question and answer website https://www.quora.com

Without beating around the bush, it's a massive getter of quality traffic.

You know the core questions your clients ask, and of course you know the answers.

Use Quora to gain a reputation in your niche, so create a full profile as a specialist in your area and answer questions in that niche.

Create your bio like a home page. Include an offer, social validation, a memorable picture, links to your other content.

Establish yourself as an expert.

The full strategy is here https://sumo.com/stories/quora-traffic, he's the guy behind AutoPilot, the email automation software I prefer.

That link is also worth checking out analytically. Remember I said to ask of your blog "would people pay for this?" There's the standard. And notice the spreadsheet download is actually a lead magnet.

Get it done by: http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk
For: .. this could be part of a content marketing strategy so the price depends on the whole package


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