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Categorise unfamiliar products

"Cassie Mogilner of Stanford University and her colleagues found in a study that consumers like unfamiliar products to be categorised - even if the categories are meaningless.

In a study of different coffees they found people were more satisfied with their choice if it came from a categorised selection, although it did not metter if the categories were marked simply A, B and C or 'mild', 'dark roast' and 'nutty'."

The Economist, The Science of Shopping, 20 Dec 2008

Get it done by: http://www.websitesthat.co.uk
For: .. so, this is about your ecommerce platform and how it's organised, so the price depends on the platform, how flexible it is, how many products need to be categorised and how it's presented to the consumer, so we would have to take a look and quote for that.


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