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Optimise your customer experience

The biggest issue facing marketers in 2017, according to a poll, is 'optimising the customer experience'.

Here are some ways A Million Tweaks can help with that:

The first thing is to get your brand values right, because if you stand for excitement and someone pops along who stands for stability, and even worse if they buy something, you're going to have problems. What you stand for needs to be clear and unambiguous so that you attract people who will defend you, and you repel people who want different things out of life. Create your customer journey map, make every moment a customer might contact you a 'node', join the nodes with arrows & make sure your brand shines through at every point. Start that here http://www.johnallsopp.com

Next, set up ongoing, regular user testing for your website, apps, support line & shops to get a real life view into your customer journey. User testing is incredibly powerful in routing out and helping you solve problems. Contact john@johnallsopp.co.uk about that, there's a team of testers waiting for you.

Set up a regular routine to use Google Analytics to spot problems with your digital marketing, to prioritise content and for conversion optimisation. It can tell you which of your web pages people don't engage with, which search queries they used, which devices had problems with your website, and some demographics too.

Your instruction manual, your marketing materials, your social media .. it's all 'content' and can be managed and optimised to attract the right prospects and help them through the customer life cycle. That's http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk

Manage your testimonials, get five star ratings, weed out the problems and get single ongoing customer satisfaction score using https://www.getfivestars.com/ (we can help you implement that if you like).

This service, A Million Tweaks, works by asking you to look at your marketing from a different angle every day. (See De Bono's work on lateral thinking for how & why that's a good thing.) Keep watching A Million Tweaks to get ideas every day for improving your customer experience.

Data driven marketing us crucial in customer experience management. Use it.

Get it done by: http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk
For: .. there are lots of ways we can help, just get in touch with something small to trial us on


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