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Everyone lives in a story

In Facebook, if you go to Manage Ads (I'm assuming you're on a desktop machine), top left Facebook Ads, All Tools, audience insights, unclick United States, and set some criteria (eg. all those who like my Page), you can see the characteristics of that market. Choose Page Likes and scroll down, you can see their favourite film (movie, if you must).

If you run enough ads, you can get into the clickstream of those who are clicking on your ad.

Scarborough people like Dracula. In York they like Toy Story. In Leeds, it's Harry Potter.

But you can check, for instance, people who play Golf like Titanic. People who drive Honda Civics like Camp Rock globally, but UK Honda Civic drivers' favourite film is Jackass.

The Twitter Growbot Follower Report http://www.twittergrowbot.com/ exists to show you what else your Twitter fans like, and is likely to show you films, music and other interests that can inform you about your prospects' internal stories.

The point is, what is the story these different people live by? Maybe people who like action hero films fancy themselves as fit, capable and 'just do it' types. I mean, I've no idea about half these films, what's Jackass? Oh I see. Basically one-upmanship and laddishness, so their story is about being smart and being part of a tight-knit group of friends, all for one and one for all, etc.

In marketing, if we can work out people's internal story it tells us the rules they live by, and if we know that it can make sales easier.

We would sell glasses to the Jackass people by talking about capability and perhaps by selling something bold and different. Dirty Dancing fans would want to hear about attractiveness. It's easier to ride along with people's own story about themselves.

Your prospects' story should also be part of your avatar (the fictitious profile of an ideal prospect that you create in order to have someone to write to).

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For: free: stories and values are linked, so this free tool helps you discover your prospects' values.


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