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A microbe moving away from excess heat illustrates the beginning of emotions. They are essentially going 'urgh' and retreating. Plants that grow towards light are doing the same.

So you can't separate emotion from life.

Feelings, however, sit on top of emotions. Feeling something alerts us to the problem that emotion has begun to solve.

On top of that is the feeling of knowing that we have feelings. Consciousness. Being able to make decisions about what we are feeling and head towards happiness and away from sadness and pain.

Darwin concentrated on the core type of emotion: fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise & happiness.

Most of the time we don't particularly feel any of those (which is good, since four of them are unpleasant).The same goes for the secondary, or social, emotions.

However we do sense the general physical tone our our being as 'background feelings'. Sometimes we notice this, sometimes not. They come out in our body posture, speed of movement, tone of voice and so on.

Background feelings are things like fatigue, energy, excitement, wellness, sickness, tension, relaxation, surging, dragging, stability, instability, balance, imbalance, harmony, discord.

Moods are made up of modulated and sustained background feelings and sustained primary emotions.

Drives and motivations express themselves as background feelings.

All of this is from http://amzn.to/2sNzscm and the reason I bring it up is because I'm thinking these background feelings are important in marketing because sometimes there's a wow moment where marketing goes "stop feeling sad" and you think "hey, I hadn't noticed but you're right".

I did a usability test with someone yesterday and what came through was their frustration with the Internet and their business. "What am I doing wrong?" They were good, experienced, but not able to sell that and the background feeling was frustration.

If we can capture the mood of a market, and help them get to a more pleasurable place, that's going to be good business.

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For: .. this is a research project .. how does your market feel and how to react to it?


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