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Cheap website

I took inspiration from Heroik who have been marketing a website building system. They make a good case for "if you need x, your website should look like y", and so I built http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk/ops/ which is based on their 'get started' template for new businesses.

It took me about 3 hours to build that including writing the copy.

I then went out and tested it against real people, and everyone seemed happy with the layout (including a graphic designer). The problem was the copy.

I'll talk about testing later, but I really just wanted to say that websites don't have to be expensive. Realistically, £200 or thereabouts could get you something like this.

I had an enquiry from a teacher, about to retire, who wanted to do private tuition. We opted to develop her a Facebook Page together with Facebook ads to promote it. No website at all. Again, around £200.

Sometimes the answer is just to start, because you can't know what you're getting into by looking from the sidelines. If you haven't got all the answers yet, don't worry, they will probably come along the way. Every pie eaten starts with a single bite (I couldn't repeat the journey/single step thing, too trite).

Get it done by: http://www.websitesthat.co.uk
For: £200+ to build you a website


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