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DO NOT be the same

To stand out, we need to be different.

If I'm a general web developer, I'm always going to lose education gigs to a web developer who specialises in the education market. And maybe that general education web developer will lose the primary school gig to a specialist in websites for primary schools. Specialism always wins (unless you're Coca Cola).

I meet a huge amount of resistance to this.

It's the same when we design websites for mobile. Because mobile screens are small and the users distracted, we have to decide on the key value proposition and deliver just that.

I don't know if it's a recent thing, but people find it hard to close doors. If I decide to specialise in, say, websites for creative people, then I have to say 'no' to the website for the courier company even if they want to give me work. And that's hard to do.

However, another thing that came through really strongly from the usability tests I just did was that two of the users wanted The Right Client. They didn't want website traffic. They just wanted the website as a showcase of what they do so they could point the right people to it. So for some (50% of my test subjects), it's not that their business is specialist (for instance a designer thrives on project variety), it's that they only want to serve clients who 'get it', they specialise in serving only particular kinds of customer.

Frank Kern would sell and then say "for this to work, you have to .. " and have clients qualify themselves to him, explicitly, in an online form.

Specialise. See if this helps https://strategyzer.com/canvas/value-proposition-canvas (I've not tried it myself).

Get it done by: http://www.johnallsopp.com
For: free: I still think that sorting out your brand values helps you specialise. There's a lot more to it, though, and I'd be happy to work through it with you.


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