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How do you measure whether your website delivers your brand values?

I trust you've all done my brand values exercise here: http://www.johnallsopp.com and so you know what your brand values are.

You know, too, that a brand that stands for happiness will market itself entirely and completely differently to one that stands for steadfastness or thrillseeking.

So .. how are you doing with that?

There's this thing called BERT http://www.uxforthemasses.com/bert/ and if you scroll down about 2/5th of the page down you'll see part of a form where people can tick a box to rate a website design between friendly and intimidating, or dated v cutting edge.

The issue I have with that is .. who ever wants a dated and intimidating website?

One thing I'm used to doing if the budget allows it is to determine ahead of time where we want a website to be on this map https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/21814379415522097/ which plots highbrow-v-lowbrow against fun-v-functional.

So the team places their cross where they think they want the website to be, before we start, and then later we test the website against real users and ask them to place their cross, we see if there's a difference and if so and we want to do something about it, we can take steps to move the user perception more to where we want it to be. So far so good.

What I'm thinking is that we should be able to do your brand analysis to work out your key brand values. So let's say you want to stand for 'creativity'. The core word there is 'creative' and any thesaurus will give you the antonyms so choose one .. dull perhaps, hackneyed. Unoriginal.

Then we can create a BERT style range for people to choose from, and let's say the company wants to stand extremely strongly for creativity, then we can go to potential clients and ask and see if they agree the website is strongly creative.

What we have here, then, is a quantitative way to measure whether a website is delivering on a company's brand values.

Want to try it? I'll do the whole thing for free for the first person to say yes, in return for a case study (that I'll write, obviously).

Get it done by: http://www.johnallsopp.com
For: .. free to the first person to request it


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