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Is it an answer box, or is it a featured snippet?

Sometimes Google returns a suggested answer at the top of search, basically to save you the effort of clicking through to a website. It does this in two distinct ways.

The first is an Answer Box, and comes up quite often for instance when you search for a current sports game score. Google will just tell you the answer, based on what it knows from multiple sources, and there's no link to any one source. That doesn't really help us market our business, except that it saves us a few seconds of website load time, and maybe .. oh I don't know, if it happens once a day and saves you 10 seconds every time, that's a month of life Google just gave you (10 x 365 x 75 (average lifespan) /6 (minutes) * 60 (hours) * 24 (days)) for nothing, days you can use to market your business (or to drink beer & eat chocolate, you choose).

A Featured Snippet is when Google takes a 'favourite answer' from a website and provides that right on the search results page along with a link to the source for those who want more. In a sense, it's like an enhanced search result. If you appear in the search results, you already have a page title and short description, so this is just like having a longer description & being top.

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