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Remember how popular the web was in 1999? Well now your oven wants in

You'll have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next big deal, well, it's happening in a frog-boiling way .. it's here, and we haven't noticed. Maybe now's a good time to start thinking about how to gain business advantage from it.

There's the smart home (Amazon Echo). Wearables (Fitbit). Smart cities (Barcelona). The connected car (Audi ad running atm, strapline "it doesn't just drive" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9jQ94ZfcPQ ).

Basically the Internet of Things is a catchall term for the trend for objects to be web connected. We can get started now to dream up the applications our customers might want, and to find ways to save money and increase speed and quality.

To get your juices flowing, check out https://ifttt.com . It's If This Then That, a universal connector for the Internet.

As a non-logged in user, about half of the recommendations I'm seeing today are IoT applications: open the garage door when I get close, remind me if I've not hit my FitBit goals, turn on my lights when I get close to home.

Go ahead and create an account, start to create a new Applet, click the THIS, and check out the extensive list that you can connect to.

Are you in a business where you could be one of the providers TO IFTTT, and get a "works with IFTTT" sticker?

Even if not, take a step into this world. Back to the cake shop idea: what about opening a snapchat account to let fans know when your bakewells are done?

I've got one IFTTT running for me personally. I want to know more about George Lakoff (he's a linguist I'm interested in with regard to persuasion), and he's a useless marketer (academics, eh? Tut!) He writes a blog, so I've set up an IFTTT that says If George Lakoff writes a blog, save it to my Pocket account so I can read it later.

Instead of sitting on Facebook all evening, spend some time on IFTTT discovering what it's capable of.

Get it done by: http://www.johnallsopp.com
For: .. I'd be happy to spend that time for you and work out a marketing programme. The cost depends what you want.


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