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Feelings before brain

We experience our feelings toward something a split second before we can intellectualise about it.

If we can train ourselves to be attentive, we should be able to spot our feelings ever so slightly before our brain engages.

If you ask yourself a question and watch for and trust the first flash of feeling you experience before your intellect whips it from under you and starts construction, you might get an honest answer.

Should I leave my job? There. That feeling was the answer.

(One way to harness this is the coin toss trick. If ever you can't decide between two options, decide heads one way, tails the other, toss the coin and watch to see if you are happy with what it tells you. If not, the other option is what you want to do.)

(From Influence, Cialdini: http://amzn.to/2wWBCnK)


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