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Help me to help you .. NOT

I'm going to be honest and splay myself out for you here, so get ready.

I just received an email entitled "help me to help you".

Now, respect to the person who wrote that email title, let's assume they know exactly what they are doing and they are getting top quality results.

But it annoyed me.

I think it might be a male thing.

Did you used to watch Top Gear on TV? Did you see Ellen MacArthur win the "star in a reasonably priced car" feature?

So the idea is, they have a racetrack and a former racing driver (who they call The Stig) coaches various celebrities how to drive fastest around it, then they go for it and over the series they maintain a leader board of the fastest celebrities.

Ellen MacArthur wanted more goes around the track because she felt she could do it better. They didn't let her, because she'd won. She was top of the list.

Here's my theory why.

Let's start with the fact that I'm a feminist, have been since about 1974 or so.

This is me watching me, being aware of my male behaviour. No science involved.

Here we go.

I think, when guys sit with The Stig, what's going on in the back of their head is "I'll listen, I'll take on board what I think is right, and I'll add a little salt of my own because if I do it exactly as The Stig says and I win, it will effectively be like The Stig won. I will have won an obedience contest. Whereas if I add my own angle on what The Stig says, then it will be me who won it."

I think what Ellen MacArthur did was listen hard, learn from the best, and do exactly what she learned.

I think guys have that 'fault'. I certainly do. It's why I work for myself, I want to plough my own furrow and do my own thing.

That's not to say I don't learn from the best, I am actually quite known for going on the forums of digital marketing training courses to argue for doing exactly what the tutor says, otherwise what did you pay for? For not adding our own salt.

But I'm very aware of the desire to, and I'm calling it male. Male ego, if you like.

So that headline, "help me to help you" irritated me.

Instantly, it makes me smaller. It subjugates me, and I didn't ask for it, it invaded my email inbox and called me small. Seems a bit rude if you ask me.

I would rather think of experts as a power tool, as a resource that I can call on.

This person was selling a system for getting on top of ones personal finances. So I might have responded (if I had the need) to something more like "Use me to get your finances straight". That leaves me in the driving seat.

Like I say, I may be wrong, it might just be me, but it's certainly worth a test.

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