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Google alerts

We have a problem with news.

Everyone wants your attention and the science of that has gone way beyond what any single person can beat. We are outgunned.

So we go on Facebook and half an hour later we haven't done what we went there to do, we've been suckered into what Donald Trump's done or the latest way to get our belly small and our chest big.

Google Alerts gives you a way to control your information stream. That way, you define exactly what you are interested in, and you can dive into that instead.

Google Alerts lets you know when it spots interesting content, according to your search criteria.

I've got two Alerts running at the moment. The first is for the search term "guardian UK survey", basically looking for surveys published in the Guardian. Surveys are interesting indicators of market needs and opinions and can show rising markets and opportunities. Interesting to marketers at least.

I've also got an Alert for the word 'persuasion', simply because I'm interested in political campaigning and, whereas marketing mostly involves providing what people want, political persuasion is more about bringing people around to your point of view. For that, we need specific doorstep and interview techniques and I'm trawling for what they might be. Eventually, that will be a product.

Remember that you can use Google to search for new and interesting images (available to use under a Creative Commons licence). Videos. You can even keep an eye on competitors by using the site: search operator.

Other useful search tricks include "use speech marks around an exact phrase that must be in the result". Use -Joe to remove, for instance, well known US journalist (I think) Joe Scarborough from searches for Scarborough.

Basically, decide what you are interested in and get your own news feed here https://www.google.co.uk/alerts



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