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No-one believes you

In the golden age, people trusted experts. When they wanted a new fridge, they checked Which?

No longer. "What does Which? know anyway, my needs are specific?"

And everyone's an expert (80% of people rated themselves in the top 30% of drivers).

But where do people get their knowledge from? From us. From marketers. The more knowledge and information we can provide, the more they will get to know us and trust us.

And if they ignore our sage advice, our conscience is clear, we advised well.

So think about something you know that would be beneficial to your prospects or customers, that you can share. Then share it, whether it's in a blog or tweet, a Facebook Live broadcast, a graphic or a change in how things are displayed on your website. That's today's tweak.

BTW, my favourite one is to just make clear what is your best seller. That's information you have and perhaps only you know, but it's also crowd sourced information, so today's cynics will probably be happier with that.

I basically turn to PC Pro's best buy list to buy tech bits. I've no time to work out what's the best computer screen or whatever, just tell me what to buy and let me buy it. I'm pretty much the same in a cake shop: "what's your most popular cake? I'll buy that." And a retailer I worked with had a big display of items but only sold a handful of models. They were the best ones. Big range + expert knowledge and advice.

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