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Don't do everything the customer wants

There came a point in the development of Microsoft Word where it had so many features, it was almost unusable. What most users wanted was hidden inside large, bloated, slow software with a zillion menu options.

If you listen to your customers, they will say "can you just .. ?". You have to manage that.

Firstly, one customer is not all customers.

Remember when Facebook pretty much irritated everyone by changing things around? Nowadays it doesn't do that. Changes are incremental, and released to just a few people who are listened to. If the feature proves popular, it will be released to more people until eventually the change might win but only through a popularity contest against other ideas.

One customer might give you a great idea or feature request, but test it against all customers.

Your focus in developing a product or solution is to nail a chargeable solution to a buyer pain, not to be everything to everyone.

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