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Trends in swearing

If you are interested in trends, as I am, and swearing, as I am, this tweak is for you.

C-words and F-bombs have tripled in frequency on Mumsnet since 2008. So much so that it's hitting advertising revenue as brands seek to distance themselves from 'foul mouthed mothers'.

What riles mums most? "Husbands' emotional distance, flagging libido or adulterous tendencies."

So what's today's tweak?

I want to note that 'correctness' increasingly feels like distance and the increase in swears says to me that people's tempers are getting shorter, their patience wearing thin with whatever's in their way which will often be officialdom or privilege. I'm not saying you can blaspheme your way to blogging glory, but .. relax a little. Stuffiness is for the Queen. Be .. realer.

That's to do with your brand values of course. If you are a surfer, you'll speak that way. If you sell foxhunting paraphernalia, that's another way. If you sell punk records, different again. You can sort out your brand values at http://www.johnallsopp.com

Also, if you allow comments, you might have to police it a little more, and check your terms & conditions allow you to remove offenders. There are words that Ofcom deems offensive.

All of this is from a recent Economist, the full details is at http://economist.com/filth . Time was, no-one dare print a swear word without asterisking out the vowels. This Economist report is full of them, not an asterisk in sight.


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