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You can work until you're dead, I don't care anymore

Milgram, besides pretending to electrocute students in his famous psychology experiment, was concerned about the effects of modern life on how much we care.

He thought that people living in cities shut down selected inputs in order to limit sensory overload. The stress of too much stimulation, and the closing down of awareness, meant people cared less .. they managed their 'span of sympathy'. (It's on p103 of http://amzn.to/2DP3wtW in case you're interested, I rate it one of the most important books I've ever read.)

That was mostly in the 60s. Now we have TVs the size of our lounge walls and social media screens to hand 24/7, all they had to deal with was the sexual revolution, rock & roll and psychotropic mushrooms ;-)

When the Internet arose we got excited about the liberating possibility of mass awareness. Instead we got Brexit and Trump.

Is this why? Are we so overloaded that we really don't care any more? "Look how many f***s I give" says every other meme.

From a business point of view, I see two reactions.

Either you just have to concentrate on giving simple value. Any appeals to sympathy will fall on deaf ears.

Or, blow people's minds with how much you care. Make them love you by loving them first. (Not stalking, let's be clear.)

If you truly loved your customers, what would you do?

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