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The small-improvements way to be a bonkersillionnaire

Sure, I get it. You don't want to be a bonkersillionnaire, you just want enough to be comfortable and be able to buy a round of drinks when you want. I just needed a headline.

What I actually want to talk about is that in this page of useful mental models http://www.defmacro.org/2016/12/22/models.html "The small-improvements method" is first ..

and ..

another name for the small-improvements method is A Million Tweaks.

So hurrah for you, you're on the right track for subscribing to A Million Tweaks.

Here's another justification for the small improvements method.

Let's say you want to reach Z and you're currently at A. You can only see the problem from the vantage point of A. If you were at Y, you'd be very, very close to reaching your goal and that's a whole different vantage point.

Let's be more specific. Actually, let's be very specific. In my marketing consultancy business I'm getting very interested in Appreciative Inquiry. I'm also reading about social labs. And I'm developing my "marketing is a system" idea. Somewhere in the middle of that is how my marketing consultancy is going to turn out. The John Allsopp method, if you like. Truth is, I've no idea how that will turn out, I need to test my initial thoughts with real clients. Heck, I've not even finished reading either the AI or the social labs books yet. So I'm at A, and B is "finish reading the books". C is maybe find a place where I can try something out and D is ponder the results and E is try again with someone else. Maybe. But the point is, at E I'll have a lot more insight about what my next step should be, based on client feedback and experience, than I have now. I can't decide on my step F until I've taken a few steps forward. There would be no point trying.

So that's, basically, the organic, small improvements / A Million Tweaks system. Yes, think about the goal, but no, don't plan out all the steps to get there because you can't possibly know what's required. Just keep improving.

Maybe that's A Million Tweaks' slogan: Just Keep Improving

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