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Use Pinboard

By the way, the page I referred to in the last Tweak came from a strategy I have from Pinboard and it goes like this.

Pinboard is a bookmarking tool. Maybe it only works if you're a geek but try it and see.

(Oh wow, I only just realised this. I was an avid user of Del.icio.us until a company took it over and ruined it. People searched for an alternative and found Pinboard. I didn't realised that Delicious was so ruined that Pinboard took it over, later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delicious_(website) )

So basically, if you find a great web page, save it to Pinboard. Bookmark, it, basically, publicly. The advantage is that your bookmarks are available wherever you are, not just in your browser.

My habit is this.

I find a page I like and bookmark it. Then I look at the other people who have also bookmarked it, I choose my favourite of those and I subscribe to them.

That builds out my 'network' of people who bookmark the sort of things I like.

So then finally, I click 'network' in the menu, and scan down the list looking for pages that have been bookmarked by lots of people. That page will probably be really interesting. I can bookmark it myself or read it or share it or whatever.

Anyway, it forms a sort of human navigation system through the more interesting bits of the web and I commend it, and my usage method, to you.

PS. the other thing that public bookmarking does is it sends a signal to Google that this is a great page. So I would encourage it for SEO too.

Get it done by: https://pinboard.in


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