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Speak to the fantastical, here's how

Unless you've good reason to know your audience has specific traits, it's good to check your copy to ensure it appeals to four different .. well, the shorthand is 'personality types', but it's not really true because 95% of people don't lead with one of the four, they lead with two or even three. But if you imagine you are writing to four different personalities, that gets you there. Just don't take the leap to thinking you can divide your customers into four. Check out the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and probably Honey & Mumford's learning styles. It's pretty much all nonsense, but it's useful nonsense for us trying to get copy written and products sold.

I'm just going to write about one, here, and I'll write about the others in future Tweaks.

The fantastical, imaginative type gets excited by wrestling with problems and coming up with creative solutions. They are easily distracted if everything's not in front of them. They learn best by doing.

For these people, a product that just works somehow doesn't scratch their itch. They want to know how and why, they want explanations, and they want to know how they'll solve their problems and learn by doing.

Keep going after the sale with background theory and information.

For these people everything should be very visual, holistic and conceptual. They are innovators, following their interest, taking the initiative and challenging the status quo.

Go back through your copy and make sure you speak to the fantastical.

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