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Can you believe how these idiots are ripping us off?

Sometimes, you can go viral or get shares by getting people angry.

Your headline should invoke a feeling of disbelief, and the reaction you get is the reader wants justice and wants to be heard.

When I ask clients to define their enemy they tend to balk but it's not so bad, Apple's enemy was the PC. It helps to define you if you can say who you are not.

The PC, boring, grey, spreadsheets. Apple, stylish, designed, pointy-clicky.

(That battle went the other way with olde American cars, by the way.)

Once you've decided what you stand against as the opposite of what you stand for, and since you overtly stand for something you'll have a growing crowd of supporters around you who stand for the same thing, it should be easy to raise their passions by pointing out what a right bunch of bastards the other lot are.

Like I say, it's not really my style and it may not be yours or your brands, but it has to be said there's a lot of it about so it must work.

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